Alright, we get it: your ‘clean eating’ is going a little bit sideways. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!

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These foods have a huge disadvantage: they generally contain many unhealthy fats such as trans or saturated fatty acids, as well as a LOT of salt and sugar.

Cholesterol, as we all know, is beneficial to our health because it involves many body processes. However, if you have too much of this wax-like fatty substance in your blood, it begins to clog, block, or restrict the arteries, which can be life-threatening.

High cholesterol levels can put our lives at risk by creating breathing difficulties, anxiety, and even heart-related disorders.

Get in lean plant proteins
Protein isn’t limited to animal sources like beef, chicken, or fish. It involves eating nuts, seeds, and legumes like rajma and split peas. For most people, 50% of their protein options should be plant-based, and most of that quantity should be minimally processed. Try ordering lentil patties for your next burger or order whole wheat pasta arrabiata.

Try high-fiber meals: Oats and Fruits
The soluble fiber in oatmeal helps lower your “bad” cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Foods including kidney beans, brussels sprouts, apples, and pears contain soluble fiber.

Cholesterol is absorbed into the bloodstream less effectively if you eat a diet rich in soluble fiber. LDL cholesterol is reduced by consuming five to ten grams of fiber per day. 3 to 4 grams of fiber can be found in a single serving of oats or oat bran in a morning cereal. Or maybe think about adding some fruits with the and-toast?

Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits
Lowering LDL cholesterol levels can be as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables. Compared to those who consume less than two servings of fruits and vegetables per day, those who consume at least four daily portions have LDL cholesterol levels that are 6 percent lower. Oxidized LDL cholesterol, which forms plaque in your arteries, is prevented by the high antioxidant content in fruits and vegetables. Cholesterol levels can be lowered, and heart disease risk decreased as a result of these beneficial benefits.

Reduce Sodium
You should aim to consume no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium (salt) per day (approximately one teaspoon). That includes all the salt you consume, whether it was added during preparation, served at the table, or was already present in the meal you ate. Reduced blood pressure can reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels; however, limiting salt intake will not lower your cholesterol levels. Request the home chef to prepare the dishes with low-salt or “no added salt” to reduce your sodium intake.

Don’t consume sugary drinks
This one’s easy and you’ve heard your parents say it all the time. But the bottom line is if you drink cold drinks or alcohol regularly or quite frequently, this is a call to action to stop. There are numerous health problems associated with consuming large amounts of sugary beverages. These include high cholesterol levels, heart disease, tooth decay, and other ailments. A sweet tooth is expected, so don’t feel bad if you find yourself craving something sweet after dinner. Only natural sweeteners such as fruits, fresh cold-pressed juices (cold-pressed because they retain more nutrients than conventional juice), dry fruits, coconut sugar, honey, jaggery, or sweet potato should be substituted for these highly unhealthy sweet foods.

To sum it all up
We understand it’s hard to make drastic changes in your diet. Hey, everyone experiences cravings once in a while. That’s why you should consider Chef Ananya. We are the answer if you are looking for fresh, hygienic, and home-cooked food while you juggle your job and family. Chef Ananya prepare each dish with the same attention to detail you would expect in your home kitchen. We provide a platform where you can experience mind-blowing flavors and assure that whatever you’re putting into your body is as good as home cooked food.

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