Chef Ananya Banerjee

Chef Ananya Banerjee has a charming personality and juggles many hats. It would not be possible to categorize her into just one genre. She is a globetrotting chef, painter, lawyer by education, and social influencer by virtue of her work.

With an illustrious culinary journey spanning the globe, Chef Ananya Banerjee has curated an eclectic array of flavors, capturing the essence of diverse cultures. Her culinary prowess is expressed in two bestselling cookbooks: “Planet Gastronomy—100 Most Popular Global Recipes” and “Bangla Gastronomy—The Journey of Bengali Food.”

As the former Executive Editor of BBC Good Food India, Chef Ananya Banerjee has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape. Her contributions have earned her accolades, such as “The Celebrity Chef of the Year 2018 (Female)” at the esteemed “Food-Food” TV awards and the “Excellence in Bengali Cooking” recognition by FBAI. Most notably, she was honoured as the “Women Achiever of The Year” by the International Hospitality Council in collaboration with the International Institute of Hotel Management in July 2022, acknowledging her exceptional contributions to the hospitality industry.

She has captivated audiences with her engaging presence on popular food shows such as “The Missing Apron” on TLC, “Made in Bengal” on Travel XP TV, and Food XP UK. Additionally, her role as the anchor chef for Tata Sky Active-Cooking, a 24-hour TV channel, underscores her influence in the gastronomic realm.

Chef Ananya Banerjee’s culinary expertise extends to menu curation for prestigious establishments, including the acclaimed French-Bengali fine-dining restaurant – The Mustard. Her collaboration with brands like Ceresin crafting ready-to-use cooking pastes has garnered global recognition, reflecting her innovative approach to gastronomy.

Based in Mumbai, Chef Ananya Banerjee curates exclusive private pop-ups and culinary experiences at prestigious hotels and clubs worldwide. Her periodic delivery service, featuring a rotating menu of Indian and international cuisines, brings gastronomic delights to patrons’ doorsteps. Additionally, her Chef’s Table events offer a bespoke fine dining experience for discerning connoisseurs at prestigious venues.

Renowned for her authentic Indian and international delicacies, Chef Ananya Banerjee has been invited to prestigious venues such as the Taj, Hyatt, DLF Magnolia and Golf Clubs, and Bombay Gymkhana, to name a few. Her recent stint at the three-day Bengali Food Festival at Shangri-La, New Delhi, in 2024 showcased her culinary finesse to discerning palates. In March 2024, Chef Ananya was on the prestigious NDTV Food Awards jury bench& conducted a Chef’s Table at Radisson Blu, Mumbai. Also, she recently featured on CNBC News 18 on breakfast show in March 2024.

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Born and raised in a conservative family of lawyers and judges, Chef Ananya not only had to curb her passion for cooking but had to keep practising a profession she did not have a heart to do. But passion so profound always overcomes every hurdle and so did Ananya.

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